Operations Committee


The Operations Committee ensures strategic implementation of Baltimore’s Promise’s work and provides consistent review, guidance and feedback to the Executive Director and staff. The Committee works with Baltimore’s Promise staff to:

  • play a coordinating role, enabling Baltimore’s Promise to align its efforts, both across the individual work groups and other collaboratives in the City;
  • guide ongoing progress of Baltimore’s Promise;
  • ensure that efforts launched under Baltimore’s Promise are coordinated and not duplicative;
  • provide feedback regarding the activities and direction of Baltimore’s Promise;
  • highlight challenges and concerns that may need attention, and offer problem-solving guidance;
  • maintain momentum between Board Meetings; and
  • provide ongoing advice and support to the Executive Director and staff of Baltimore’s Promise.

The following individuals are members of the Operations Committee:

  • Gabriel Auteri, Deputy Chief of Staff- Baltimore City Health Department
  • Adar Ayira, Program Manager, Associated Black Charities
  • Tomi Hiers, Director, Baltimore Civic Site- Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Matthew Gallagher, President & CEO- Goldseker Foundation
  • Sheryl Goldstein, Managing Director, Programs and Grants- Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
  • Dawn Kirstaetter, Deputy Mayor, Health, Human Services, Education and Youth- City of Baltimore
  • Bonnie Legro, Program Officer, Education- Abell Foundation
  • Hilary Roxe, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President- Johns Hopkins University
  • Brian Sturdivant, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community Partnerships- Office of Community Engagement, University of Maryland-Baltimore


Work groups are charged with setting overarching strategy recommendations to address the root causes affecting the indicators identified on behalf of Baltimore’s Promise.