Goals & Considerations

Baltimore ‘s Promise is a collaborative dedicated to improving outcomes for the city’s youth. Baltimore ‘s Promise has five ambitious goals for the city’s youth as they progress through life:

  • Babies are born healthy.
  • Children enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school.
  • Children and youth achieve at grade level in school.
  • Youth graduate high school prepared for the next step without remediation.
  • Youth earn quality post-secondary credential or receive training and are career ready.

Over the years, many ideas have been proposed and many more initiatives have been tried for how best to improve outcomes for children in our community. So what sets Baltimore ‘s Promise apart?

We have a shared common vision.

We are focused on building a culture of shared accountability and collaboration across Baltimore City; we do not run or fund programs. We care about whether children have the tools and opportunities to be successful and we know that the pathway to success begins at birth and continues into adulthood. We work to support every child, at every step along the way.

We are data driven.

Using data and input from stakeholders, together we align resources and improve outcomes in our five key outcome areas. We use research to identify what works and what holds promise. We use data to help ensure that our budgetary and strategic priorities lead to better outcomes. Continuous improvement is a critical component of this work.

We invest in what works.

We identify and invest in policies and practices that show results. Our initial strategies have been thoroughly vetted by our partnership. All efforts we endorse must be demonstrable in Baltimore, and have the ability to be sustained and replicated. We will provide regular updates to the stakeholders and the community at large on how we are meeting our goals. Download our annual report or sign up for our newsletter now to stay informed.